Chromebook Agreement

Parents and students agree to the following conditions governing the purchase and use of the Chromebooks.

Payments & Purchasing

The parent agrees to pay the full amount for the Chromebook. This may be either in a one-off payment or over the period of 12 months. Pricing and payment details are found on the Ordering page.

All payments are taken by credit or debit card. For monthly payments, parents should use a card that has at least 12 months before expiry to avoid failed payments. Failed, missed or cancelled payments will result in the parent being contacted by text message and email. Repeated missed payments may result in the Chromebook being deactivated until payments are continued.

Once all payments have been made, the device is owned by the parent. While payments are still outstanding, the school retains ownership of the device.

Students may be loaned a device by the school if they are eligible for free school meals or have come to an agreement with the school for financial help. This device remains the property of the school but all the same rules and conditions apply, including the requirement for the parent to pay the cost of repairs in the event of malicious or negligent damage.

Device Management

The device will remain enrolled in the school's management platform while the student attends any school in the Coombe Academy Trust. The school will enforce management policies to ensure the safety of students and integrity of the device and school IT systems. These policies include:

When the student leaves the school, the management and restrictions will be removed from the device and it will be returned to an 'as new' state whereby any Google account can be used to sign in without restrictions.

Care & Damage

It is the responsibility of the student to look after the device and ensure it is kept safe from damage.

The device is supplied with a robust, protective case that must never be removed from the device. The case is designed such that the Chromebook can be fully used without ever needing to remove the case.

Any damages (including accidential or caused by negligence or deliberate abuse) will be chargeable and the parent will be asked to pay for the repair.

We would recommend repairs are undertaken by the Coombe IT Services Team, as we will be able to secure parts at the best price and without charge for labour, although parents are still welcome to repair privately.

Some tips on proper care of the device can be found in the rules section on this site. The following measures should always be taken:

Acceptable Use

All IT use, including the use of Chromebooks, is governed by the Trust E-Safety policy which can be found on the Coombe Academy Trust website.

This policy includes the acceptable use agreement (appendix 1) that all students must adhere to.

The Chromebook is an educational device, to be used to access school resources through approved systems (Google Classroom, etc.) as directed by teacher. While at home, the Chromebooks may be used for non-school related activity, such as internet browsing, but the same rules apply and content must be appropriate.

Activity that is not appropriate for school may result in the Chromebook or student's Google account being restricted or disabled for a period of time.