Safeguarding & Online Safety

Filtering & Monitoring

Coombe Academy Trust is committed to making sure that children understand how to keep themselves safe online and this is taught through assemblies, active tutorials and PSHE lessons. Our Computing Departments also have an extensive Online Safety and Digital Citizenship curriculum which teaches our pupils how to stay safe when online.

The network at all of our Trust schools is managed, maintained and secured in-house by the Coombe IT Services Team, and internet security (including firewalls and filtering) is provided by London Grid for Learning.

We have a filtering system in place that ensures all internet traffic at school and on devices taken off-site by students is filtered using the LGfL's platforms, SchoolProtect and HomeProtect. This is classified as appropriate filtering by the UK Safer Internet Centre, and follows the Filtering and Monitoring Standards published by the Department for Education.

We also have a monitoring system in use across all school’s devices, including our students' 1:1 Chromebooks when used in school and at home, from Netsupport This system Our Computing Departments have an extensive Online Safety and Digital Citizenship curriculum, starting in Year 7 for students, which teaches our pupils how to stay safe online.

This system enables us to protect students online by logging keywords triggered on student devices and capturing screenshots/recordings when matched phrases are typed/viewed against set word lists, including those from the following categories: adult content, bullying, grooming, and self-harm/suicide.

The safeguarding team at each school receives notifications of any students who trigger alerts when finding, using or attempting to access proxy sites or bypass the web filtering restrictions in place, or when accessing inappropriate or suspicious websites. This system is not a crisis line for students who may be facing difficulties and this has been made clear to all our students. If children have any concerns or worries they should talk to a trusted adult. The monitoring and filtering system we have in place across the Trust  is checked on a regular basis.

Due to the restrictions in place on our 1:1 Chromebooks, students/parents cannot install any unapproved apps or extensions from the Chrome Web Store or Google Play, and Chromebooks aren't susceptible to viruses or malware.

We do, however, recommend that you turn on child-safe filters provided by your ISP (internet service provider, such as Virgin Media or BT) and set sensible rules for electronic device usage at home. For example, your child's Chromebook, along with their mobile phone, should be switched off after 9pm and shouldn't be taken to or kept in their bedroom.

We recommend the following resources for parents and carers: