Online Safety

All internet access within school is filtered by the London Grid for Learning Netsweeper platform.

Internet access outside the school is also monitored by NetSupport

You cannot install any unapproved apps on the devices and Chromebooks aren’t susceptible to viruses or malware.

We do recommend that you turn on child filters provided by your ISP and set sensible rules, for example the device should be switched off after 9pm or shouldn’t be taken to the bedroom.

The Computing department has an extensive Online Safety and Digital Citizenship curriculum for Year 7 students, teaching pupils how to stay safe online.

Device Security

We have never had a device stolen but if it is lost or stolen, we will remotely lock it so that it cannot be used.

Chromebooks are not desirable devices for thieves, unlike smartphones or expensive tablets. 

To keep your device safe in school, all Year 7 students will have a locker to store it and the case protects the device from bumps and drops.

We recommend that your child also stores their Chromebook in their locker at break or lunchtimes, and not left unattended.

Your child should have a suitable rucksack, ideally with a separate laptop compartment.