Frequently Asked Questions

Are other types of devices/Chromebooks suitable?

No, students can only use school-provided Chromebooks in school.

The device programme has been set up specifically as a complete package including the device, case, warranty, software licence and support.

You are not just buying a device but a fully managed service which includes a 3 year warranty, backed up by the Coombe IT Services team who are on hand to deal with any faults or issues with the device. This isn’t possible with the wide array of other devices that students may opt to bring in.

In the same way that we have a school uniform, ensuring that everyone at school wears the same clothes regardless of economic background, we are requiring every student to use the same device so that it does not matter if the student has been given a school Chromebook free of charge due to being eligible for free school meals or the parents are well off enough to buy the top-of-the-range Chromebook, the devices that are used in lessons will not differentiate.

The teachers need to know exactly what the students have in front of them and what capabilities the devices have. It would be disruptive for the lessons if students were not able to complete tasks because they had a different device with different capabilities. 

Devices used on the school network must be managed and supported by the Coombe IT Services department for safety and security reasons and therefore must be acquired through the school programme.

Other devices cannot be used in school.

Do we need to purchase a device?

Yes, the school curriculum relies on every pupil having access to a Chromebook.

It is essential that every student has the same device to access the learning materials.

Please see answers below if you are unable to afford to purchase the Chromebook.

What if I cannot afford to join the programme?

If you anticipate difficulties in meeting the cost of the device, please contact the school to discuss options.

If your child is currently in receipt of free school meals the school will make a device available free-of-charge. Again, please contact the school if this applies to you.

What if the Chromebook stops working or suffers damage?

The Chromebooks are supported by the Coombe IT Services Team who are on hand to fix any problems that may arise. Students can come to the IT department with any fault and they will be able to help with the repair or arrange warranty claims.

If the device is damaged, the parent will need to complete a damage report form. The device will then be assessed by the Coombe IT Services Team to determine a repair estimate. Any repairs will be chargeable and parents will be asked to cover the cost.

The Chromebook must be kept in its case at all times. We specifically chose a case that can remain attached during use, so there is never a reason to remove it. The cost of any repairs if damage occurs when the device is not in a case would need to be covered by the parent.

What if the Chromebook is lost or stolen?

We have never had a case of theft in the 6 years we have been running the 1:1 programme and very few losses.

It is the responsibility of the student to keep the device safe, for example, out of sight and in a bag when walking or on public transport. 

It is impossible to insure against loss. If anything does happen, please inform the school immediately.

When will my child receive their device?

The students will receive their Chromebooks during the first couple of weeks in September.

You will need to ensure that we have received your firstly monthly payment before your child receives their device in September, and that your standing order has been setup to be collected the next month.

Will this mean students no longer write or use exercise books?

This technology is being used to enhance established teaching and learning methods, not replace them. Lessons and homework will involve a mix of computer-based work and written work in exercise books.

Please see the Use in School page to understand how Chromebooks compliment text and exercise books and other learning techniques.

Will I be subject to credit checks?

No, there are no credit checks and this will not affect your credit rating.

How many devices can I order?

One for each student joining the school in Year 7.

If you have students in other year groups, please do not order devices for them. We do not have enough Chromebooks for students outside of the designated year groups.

What happens if I stop making payments?

You will need to return the device; the school owns the device until the final payment is made.

If your financial situation changes, please contact the school to discuss options.

Can students use the device at home?

Yes, students will need to use their Chromebooks to access Google Classroom and other applications to complete homework and independent study.

The Chromebooks have safeguarding software installed which prevents access to inappropriate material even when not connected to the school network.

What if I my child leaves the school?

Please contact the school. If all payments have been made, we will remove the management profile, unlocking the Chromebook to be used with any Google account.

If there are outstanding payments, you will need to pay the remaining balance first.

What happens at the end of the agreement?

Once all payments are made, the device is yours to keep.

The Chromebook will remain managed by us while your son/daughter is at the school for safeguarding reasons.